Who We Are…

Speakeasy Primates

Our studio began, as most really cool ideas do, with a conversation. Several writer and artist friends, who regularly contributed to the popular art / lit e-Zine RKYV ONLINE, were frustrated with the trials and tribulations of self publishing. Sure, self publishing means ya get to be your own boss… but wouldn’t it still be nice to enjoy the production benefits and collaborations working in a studio provides? Our solution was to form our own loose-knit cooperative. In essence, each creator who wished to receive assistance from a studio member in publishing a project [be it writing, editing or art] would in turn make themselves available to assist on another member’s project. We decided to publish these creative projects under one banner in order to promote our collective. That was back in the spring of 2008…


We based our operations mostly around our Facebook Group and made great use of that social network’s photo sections, discussion boards, chat & comment features as a mean’s of developing our plans, concept designs & projects.


We our proud to present a variety of independent small press offerings for sale. Our member artists and writers have collaborated on some fine limited edition art prints, short story and novella anthologies, poetry collections, comics and graphic novels. Thanks for visiting our site and remember…when you support the small press you are supporting the arts at a grass roots level!

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