Seven Lines of Damnation – 2

9 Jun

“Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.”  – Dr. Samuel Johnson

I cannot speak intelligently about what it’s like to chase your goals when you are healthy.  I can only speak from my experience; if you are battling your body and mind [along with whatever life throws at you] accomplishing your dreams can, at times, be very daunting.   <Exasperated sigh!>

(And now I’m out of coffee, just when I thought things were tough enough!!)

I refuse to hide behind excuses, and I will push forward.

Seven Lines… oh, the seven lines… What to say about the seven lines?

  1. Angels live in Heaven and Demons in Hell.
  2. Man lives in confusion about where they belong in the structure of the cosmos.

(I’m going to make a bloody coffee, be right back… There we go, with a coffee in hand, I can now concentrate.  I also went to the restroom so there will be no more interruptions.)

I was raised in a home that was supposed to be Roman Catholic, which meant I was sent to an RC school and an RC high school.  Making the necessary Sacraments when I was supposed to, it would have been easy to see me as your average, faithful member of our Congregation.  Looking back, I hope not, but considering my attendance in church… it looks like perhaps I was.

Faith not-withstanding, I am a logical being [Spock I am not, as I do not have pointed ears] and my logic tells me that there is a problem between what the church says, and does.

(Just for the record, I am writing about my own perceptions and beliefs.)

So, here I am, a young man trying to follow what the bible says and what the church says.  The ensuing contradictions and, ultimately, holes were most definitely not filled when I brought questions to my pastor.  Deciding that politics was the main driving force behind even the damn Roman Catholic religion, I was left in a faithless limbo.  Do I believe in a God?  Maybe.

It is my consideration that a God, would be beyond our scope of understanding.  It would be akin to an ant looking at an elephant on top a mountain on a different continent.  It is laughable that the priests are telling us what something so far and above us is saying and wishing, and that such a being would actually give two shits about our questions or prayers.  Would the elephant care about the ant or care that the ant wishes for a good scouting job tomorrow?  I think not.

Again, just my views, don’t get all upset because I may have a different opinion.  The Roman Catholic Church has some of the greatest riches in the world.  There have enough wealth to feed every man, woman and child for several generations.  Yet, they horde the riches and ask us for donations to help our fellow man.  The truth is, the basket that is collected goes to the church and the Priest’s wages.

(Let’s not even get into the cover-up the church was involved in with pedophile, child molesting priest.  You can probably see why I had a problem with the church and the politics.)

Let’s move onto the Bible; it is probably the earliest Fantasy ever written.  Again, I am simply speaking my mind and not trying to insult anyone’s beliefs or faith.  Personally, I admire someone with faith.  Seriously!  I’ve read the bible and it is riddled with flaws and contradictions.  The meanings behind the stories are great and they intrigued me.  In fact, it was these holes in the stories within the Bible that inspired me to write a story that explains the holes.

Have you ever asked someone a simple theological question, like, who is in charge of Hell?  I have and these are the most common answers:

  • Satan
  • Lucifer
  • We are living in Hell.

Well according to the Bible, Lucifer is locked in the Abyss.  Not in Hell, in the Abyss.  What is the Abyss?  Further, according to the Bible, one third of the entire Angel population fell from God’s Grace.  They were removed from Heaven.  Eblis refused to listen to the Lord and was punished by removal from Heaven.  What the heck did Lucifer do to get chained up in the Abyss?  It must have been really bad.

(Neon sign pointing to some of the holes I was talking about.)

I have been told that Bible stories are just parables to teach us, well I say, why are they only stories.  What if they are real?  What if we are the ants and we are trying to see that bloody elephant?  Sometimes, we need to see the trees and not the forest.

(Sip coffee…)

Seven Lines… oh, the seven lines… What to say about the seven lines?

  1. Angels live in Heaven and Demons in Hell.
  2. Man lives in confusion about where they belong in the structure of the cosmos.

This cannot be truer for my protagonist.  The story is going to center around Ryan Weir and a group of his friends and the revelations they experience regarding life and, more importantly, the afterlife.  I will try to weave a variety of fantastic elements, beliefs and legends, from our shared supernatural mythology, into a unique tapestry in order to fill those holes in the Bible.

According to the bible, God gave a man named Moses a list of rules that, if we [the people of Earth] follow, will allow us to enter into Heaven upon Judgment Day.  Well, my story is wrapped around the belief that the Angels also received a list of rules.  I am calling them the Seven Lines of Damnation.  If the Angels do not follow them, they get kicked out of Heaven.  It is within the Seven Lines that we can begin to see how the Lord created the universe and our part in it.

(More to come, as I am out of coffee.)

Rook Eli Cobb


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