2 Jun

“Courage is facing your fears.  Stupidity is fearing nothing.”  – Todd Bellemare


When it comes to writing or art, many are afraid that their stuff is good enough yet.  Well, that is a good thing.  I forces us to put that extra effort with touch up or re-writes.  Others spite out there stuff with no fear that it is good enough; at which point are surprised and shocked at all the criticism.  Fear is a good thing and should be harnessed.  Now just to contradict myself, fear is a bad thing if it cripples you from actually finishing your piece.  A little dash a fear and handwork goes a very long way.


One Response to “Quote”

  1. Brad December 15, 2015 at 2:56 am #

    Pretty sad I’m the only one commenting….don’t ya think…. coward

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