Who needs writer’s block when you’ve got… kids?

26 May

I thought this might be a good time to share a tale of when I was beset by a serious obstacle in my writing. One that would not allow me to continue for a period of time. Was I suffering writer’s block, you might ask? Well, read on to find out: “Who needs writer’s block when you’ve got… kids?”

So… I went to do some writing the other day and the keyboard was not responding. Now I was understandably perplexed… why isn’t my keyboard working?

I tried a re-boot…

I received an error message “Keyboard Failure.”

This seemed ominous. I tried to inspect the keyboard to see if there was any… obvious damage, like maybe a wire disconnected or whatever. That’s when I noticed something odd.

Well I suppose NOT odd really… I mean NOT all that odd if a keyboard is supposed to SLOSH!!!!!!

That’s right.  SLOSH!

Hmm… this bears investigation… some of the keys are a little sticky…

I turn the keyboard upside down and Fruit Punch spills all over my desk top.


My OLDEST daughter informs me that my YOUNGEST daughter had spilled her juice all over the keyboard and she had tried to wipe it up… “Yes,” I patiently inform her “the desk was wiped up… THAT’s WHY DADDY DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING WAS WRONG!!!!!”

Did she think the juice INSIDE the keyboard would just dry up eventually????? I dis-assembled my keyboard, cleaned everything, dried everything and put it all back together {sigh}.

As you can tell … IT WORKED!

When I asked my daughter why she didn’t tell me, she gave me the line about NOT wanting to get in trouble.


“Yes, But ya see… the thing is daddy, well I… I… I…”

“YOU WHAT!?!?” I asked getting exasperated.

“Well, the thing is… I wanted a sip of her juice… and she wouldn’t give it to me…”


The little darlings. LOL.

santiago london – Eyez


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