Think of it as “Pekar Meets Friends…”

30 Nov

A graphic novel in progress…

So, for this entry I thought I’d share with you a quick look at a graphic novel
[in progress] that I am working on, with artist Roger Price. It was inspired by some conversations my old friends and I were having remembering our student days. The friendships you make during your student years are very different than those you cultivate later in life. You ‘work-a-day’ acquaintances can never get as close to you as the gang you could hang with 24/7 with nothing but coffee and a few packs of smokes.

Ya, I know, not very PC to mention the coffin nails, but once upon a time we hadn’t even thought of quitting, LOL. The time we invested in those friendships means that even now, decades later, we can run into eachother and pickup conversations and banter as though no time has gone by [even if it has been months since we’ve spoken]. I met my wife, Pauline during that time and we had a… well, ‘different’ courtship. LOL. On the night I met her, we were throwing a superhero themed Halloween party, back in University. I was Green Lantern and she was Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. My girlfriend, at the time, was a drunken Wonder Woman busying herself with being obnoxious to all my friends.

As I retreated to one of the back rooms in order to play some cards I got to talking with Pauline and discovered she was into D & D, comics and Star Trek! I was immediately in Geek heaven. Over time our friendship evolved into, as corny as it sounds, ‘the love of my life’. Not without a whole variety of crazy adventures, of too much time and too little money, mind you. So I present to you:

“The Adventures of

Driving Boy & Coffee Girl”


How I managed to

NOT screw things up with her!

A quasi-autobiographical look at my 20’s and the crazy relationships… bizarre circumstances and lasting friendships that led me to the woman I would one day marry. The story will take place over a span of seven years [from age 20 – 27] in mine, my friends, my future wife’s lives. It will begin on the day I met Pauline and finish on our Wedding Day. In between I’ll explore the relationships between a group of friends living on their own, for the first time, and trying to figure out what sort of adults they are supposed to be.

It will consist of stories about their struggles in school; the crappy jobs; their loves and heartbreaks; and the uncertainty of what the future holds.


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