27 Nov

So where was I?

Ahem… ladies, gentlemen & Speakeasy fans of all ages – here’s the ‘sitch’ – until them lefty, free-thinking, hippy artists get off their collective duffs and start adding to the Blog – I figured I’d share with you folks some of their amazing work..:)

And PS – the above is just me yanking their collective chains. These guys and gals produce the sort of fantastic art a green-eyed writer like myself only dreams he could create. They are without a doubt hard working and not the least bit lazy… though I stand by the lefty & hippy comments – after all, it’s common knowledge most artists wear berets and grow their goatees in utero!

So where to begin. In an earlier missive I mentioned that Buddha Monkey was one of our first 2 projects, so it does sound like the perfect place to start!

Buddha Monkey

From Hacky Sack to Kung Fu attack!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Buddha Monkey. 

The above pinup was drawn by Matthew Goodall, the penciler for issue #2 [more on that in a future post], the inks and colours were provided by the series regular inker, Roger Price. Buddha Monkey began as a series of fun & dynamic drawings that artist Stan Nelson submitted to RKYV ONLINE. They represented, for him, a sort of personal mascot. Being an avid Hacky Sacker Stan’s early drawings of Buddha Monkey involve him playing and repairing his Hacky Sack. I approached Stan about creating a back-story for the character and we were off! Stan’s images of Buddha Monkey inspired me to write, what I hope, will be a successfull and entertaining world for this interesting character to live in.

What I dig about Buddha Monkey:

Buddha Monkey combines my love of a few “genre-specific” elements: Fantasy, Alternate History, Martial Arts and Monkeys..:)

Buddha Monkey Storyline


A street performing monkey is caught in the middle of the Asian theater of WWII. This setting is an alternate history in which the Japanese Emperor flees the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with his forces, and sets up his
government in Manchurian controlled China. In order to ensure his survival he enters into a pact with the Dark Kitsune, demons of the void. They provide him with powerful warriors, the Kabuki Samurai, to do his bidding.

A simple monkey is transformed and empowered by the Buddha to stand against these dark forces and free China from the threat of Manchurian conquest.


Manchurian Japan is determined to expand and encompass all of China. Our monkey travels the globe with the performing Shaolin Monks to help spread good will for China as they seek allies to thwart the Japanese Emperor. They are pursued by the Kabuki Samurai, relentlessly.


Buddha Monkey must seek out allies, champions imbued with powers from other benevolent “gods”. A war is brewing, in the heavens and on earth, between the forces of good and evil.

Mictecacihuatl: The Queen of the Dead & The Kabuki Samurai

Coyote Shaman & The Last Viking

Buddha Monkey – brought to you by:

r. j. paré & Stan Nelson – CreatorsWritten by r. j. paré

Concept & Cover Art by Stan Nelson
Concept Art, Pencils, Inks & finished Colours by Roger Price
Layouts & Lettering by David Marshall
Preliminary colours by Steven Howard, Jon Biermann, Roger Formosa, Drew Bird & Giorgos Tsopanos
Special thanks for early Concept & Design Art to Ruby Bumrah & Sueann Williams

Follow the adventures of this Shaolin Simian as he seeks out other champions in his efforts to save the world from the forces of darkness:

Buddha Monkey Facebook Group


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