Just another writin’ weirdo freak…

26 Nov

As an artist, and those of us who create are just that, [I do not adhere to the convention that only in the visual arts may one be deemed ‘artists’; musicians, playwrights, poets… are these not artists?] I feel compelled at times to comment on current events. With the near-constant violence, that is reported by the 24 hr news-machine, firmly in mind I am tempted to follow the zealous and erudite path of punditry.

But what would be the point? It is not as if countless spin-doctors aren’t doing the same. Tears are shed; fingers are pointed; anger and recrimination walk hand in hand with sympathy and grief. Yet,the world continues to turn. These are not the first violent tragedies we have watched and they will not be the last.

Perhaps as an artist I can share my thoughts and feelings in a different manner. To use the tools of my craft to illustrate or comment on an aspect of these shared experiences. Perhaps that is precisely what an artist is meant to do.

The following piece appears in my first collection of poetry, “Gist – poetic perspectives,” and was inspired by what seems, to me, a disturbing attraction [I won’t call it a love-affair, in my mind it is more like a deviant obsession] human beings have with guns.

.38 Special

The cylinder turns
In lascivious wantonness

The hammer cocked
Prepared, now, to penetrate

It pierces like fire
Explosive satisfaction

Final fading thought
As hot slug thru temple rips



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